Theatrical Partners In A Jam

Jerry Mickelson filed suit against Jam Theatricals partner Steve Traxler in a Chicago court in early February, alleging that Traxler backed out of an agreement to buy out his shares of the company.

Jam Theatricals, which is completely separate from Jam Productions, produces Broadway shows such as “Spamalot,” Hairspray” and “Mamma Mia!”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Mickelson seeks to enforce the terms of Traxler’s agreement to pay $3.75 million for his 37.5 percent share.

Traxler reportedly owns 25 percent of the stock in Jam Theatricals. Arny Granat, a third owner of Jam Theatricals and co-founder with Mickelson of Jam Productions, is not named as a party in the suit.

“Our lawyers were working in good faith on negotiating a separation of Jerry Mickelson from Jam Theatricals,” Traxler told the Tribune.

Mickelson declined to comment to Pollstar.