That’s because a Google News search for reports of the tour’s debut gig at the New Orleans Arena responded with hundreds of returns. Seems just about every music news reporter on the planet had Britney on the mind last night.

Here’s a few choice descriptions:

“Acrobats twirled from suspended fabric as Spears sang and danced, showing off her toned body with flirty, seductive moves. She got frisky with two male dancers as she performed ‘Touch of My Hand’ while sporting a blindfold.” – Associated Press

“One constant challenge for Spears and her collaborators is how to adapt the soft-core erotica at the heart of her self-expression to the family audience that’s somehow stuck with her since she left ‘The All New Mickey Mouse Club.’ The circus motif proved ideal. Circuses are magical and creepy, home to pink-tutu-wearing high-wire princesses and creepy bearded ladies, loved by children but famously run by flim-flam artists and freaks.” – Los Angeles Times / Pop & Hiss

“Spears appears on stage as a lion tamer, complete with a whip and a replica cheetah’s head as a hat. Later, she peels off the tamer’s costume to reveal a ‘three piece vixen corset and pants set’, and is thrown into a cage by chain-bound, dancing slaves in leather hoods.” – The Times Online U.K.

“But the star did not interact much with the crowd – only saying to the audience, ‘Thank you, New Orleans,’ at the end of the nearly two-hour show.” – BBC

“Broken down into four acts — ‘Circus,’ ‘House of Fun,’ ‘Freakshow/Peepshow’ and ‘Electro Circ’— the two-hour show is every set designer and choreographer’s wet dream, or nightmare, or both. There are literally dozens of costume changes, dancers of all shapes and sizes and acrobats and set pieces that fly about willy-nilly. (This is surely the first concert in history to feature cholos on tricycles, a Bollywood number and a pair of martial-arts routines). It’s truly a sight to behold … the biggest show under one roof.” – MTV

“Donning sexy ringmaster wear and surrounded by acrobats and juggling dancers galore, Spears, a Louisiana native, descended onto the stage to launch into ‘Circus’ — naturally — the first song of her 16-song set. Other selections for the night included ‘Piece of Me,’ ‘Everytime,’ ‘Radar’ (which she performed with a stripper pole), the controversial ‘If U Seek Amy,’ ‘Toxic’ and her classic ‘Baby One More Time.’” – TV Guide

“Her return to the concert circuit and sales of her album appear to be a measure of her ability to still attract the attention she once garnered from fans around the world.” – ITN

And what does the local newspaper in New Orleans have to say? Glad you asked …

“For 90 minutes, Britney Spears was the perpetual motion machine at the center of a lavish, if somewhat impersonal, multi-media presentation. Across four themed segments plus an encore, she appeared healthy, robust and happy to be back on tour after a five year break filled with enough drama to last a lifetime.” – The Times-Picayune