Sure ‘nuff. 1984 was the year Buzz Osborne, Mike Dillard, Dale Crover and Matt Lukin ventured forth from Montesano, Wash., to bring their particular brand of sludge metal to an unsuspecting world.

Sure, there have been a few personnel changes over the years, leaving Osborne and Crover as the group’s only originals. But the Melvins keep on keepin’ on – 25 years and counting – much to the delight of fans.

To celebrate the quarter-century mark, the band has a few special shows lined up for May. Special because each show is “an evening with,” and special because it marks the return of a former member – original drummer Mike Dillard, who will drum in the band’s first set every night.

Of course, mentioning a “first set” means there will be at least two. For the Melvins, the second set means an appearance by bassist Trevor Dunn, who’s played for the Fantomas, MadLove and Mr. Bungle. Dunn will join the band for a complete, start-to-finish rendition of the group’s Houdini album.

Sounds like a winner? You bet! But the Melvins 25th anniversary tour may not play at a venue near you. That’s because the band is only playing four cities on this special tour – NYC, Boston, Chicago and Austin.

Here’s the skinny:

May 15 in New York at Webster Hall; May 16 in Boston at Paradise, May 18 in Chicago at Double Door and May 20 in Austin at Emo’s.

We’re living on borrowed time,” Osborne said. “When the Melvins started I never expected to actually be ALIVE for 25 more years.”

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