On the latest episode of “Breakfast at Sulimay’s,” a Web video series on Scrapple.tv where old people review new music, Bill, Ann and Joe check out Young Jeezy’s “Black Dreams” from The Prime Minister and Animal Collective’s “My Girls” from Merriweather Post Pavilion.

The show has been on for a couple years and I’m so glad I recently discovered it because it’s totally hilarious.

When Young Jeezy’s “Black Dreams” starts playing, Bill and Ann begin waving their hands in the air gansta-style. I love it! These guys are the best!

During the song’s intro, Ann says the gunshots in the background are music to her ears. She says, “I liked the tune. I just liked it. Yeah, it’s good.” Who said all old people are foogeys who hate rap music?

Next up is Animal Collective’s “My Girls,” which Joe points out is appropriate because it’s that magical time of year when Girl Scout cookies are available. In case you were wondering, he loves the thin mints. Yum. Who doesn’t!?

Ann looks confused by the song’s intro while Joe looks annoyed and Bill is just dazed.

The song earns three thumbs down from the group.

Joe says, “I doubt that this group is … going to get very far from Baltimore, Maryland.”

I love how harsh Joe is! He tells it like it is!

I would love to hang out with Bill, Ann and Joe. Pancakes at a local diner and Girl Scout cookies? These are my type of people. Seriously, old folks are adorable and I hope I can stand to listen to the young kids’ music when I’m over the hill.

The gang has previous reviewed artists including Bruce Springsteen, Danielson, The Walkmen, Cold War Kids, Estelle and Kanye West, Jamie Lidell, Dr. Dog, The Ting Tings, Wilco, Bjork and The Thermals.

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