Cough Up The Bucks For Neil Young’s Archives

After originally being scheduled for release in summer 2007, Neil Young’s long awaited “Archives Vol.1 1963-1972” box set will be available June 2.

The collection spans Young’s career from his earliest recordings with his teenage band the Squires to his 1972 album Harvest.

Archives Vol. 1 includes nine discs of music, a 236-page hardcover book and Young’s debut 1973 feature film “Journey Through The Past.”

The box set features 43 unreleased recordings as well as three live concerts including Live at the Riverboat 1969, Crazy Horse at The Filmore 1970 and Live at Massey Hall 1971.

Photo: AP Photo
Madison Square Garden, New York, N.Y.

Fans can pre-order the set on the Canadian singer-songwriter’s Web site.

The Blu-Ray edition is being offered at a pre-order price of $299.99 and the standard DVD edition will set you back $199.99. A CD set without the book or the film can be pre-ordered for $99.99. The discs are also available individually.

If you pre-order the box set, Young will kick in a free Blu-Ray preview copy of “Disc 0 – Early Years 1963-1965” as well as a 7-inch vinyl single that includes two tracks by the Squires – “Aurora” and “Mustang.” These extras will be mailed out before June 2.

If you’re holding out for new material, you won’t have to wait long because Young’s latest album, Fork in the Road, is set for release April 7. The concept album about an electric car was inspired by Young’s 1959 Lincoln Continental, which he’s rigged up to run on alternative energy. For more information about Young’s work with the Lincvolt project, check out his Web site.

Young has also been working on a couple of very strange low budget music videos. Check out his video for “Cough Up the Bucks,” from Fork in the Road, below. The singer-songwriter plays the part of a sunglasses-wearing, Wall Street Journal-reading, cell phone-ready business man in a limo. Well, he doesn’t so much play the part as ride around in a limo and say the title into his cell phone. It’s really quite weird but the tune’s not bad!

Young is currently on tour throughout North America with European dates to follow. He has shows on the books through the end of June.

Click here to check out Neil Young’s Web site. 

Neil Young – Cough Up The Bucks