Jay-Z’s LN Deal A Retirement Maneuver?

In a recent interview, 50 Cent said he would not be interested in signing a 360 deal like Jay-Z did with Live Nation, adding that Jay-Z may have done so because touring will not be part of Hova’s future.

“He may be tired of running around and negotiating each individual deal,” 50 Cent told King. “The 360 deal would be actually putting that in someone else’s hands to support those outside ventures taking place. … He’s married to Beyoncé, he’s getting ready to be 40 years old. He’s in a different place, he might not want to run around, and even touring may soon be out of the question. He might want to be in the office and run one of the companies.”

Jay-Z signed a 10-year agreement with Live Nation for a reported $150 million that included touring.