Harmonix game developer Dan Teasdale told Game Developers Conference attendees that the company had tried several names before landing on “Rock Band,” reports Kotaku.com. Among the contenders were “Power Chords,” “Big Band Blowout,” “Metal Lords,” “I Want To Be A Rockstar!” and “Rock Band: World Tour.”

Harmonix eventually nixed some names for being “too metal,” while dismissing others as just terrible. Furthermore, when the company thought that last title – “Rock Band: World Tour” – had possibilities, it ended up trimming the name down to “Rock Band,” because Harmonix officials thought the longer title would never sell, although Activision has done quite well with “Guitar Hero: World Tour.”

How about you? If you could have named the game, what would you call it? And if “Rock Band” continues to sell like crazy – a reported 10 million copies during its first 16 months – could there be other games, such as “Polka Band,” “Zydeco Band” or even “Skiffle Band” already in the pipeline?

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