Another Twist At Freedom Hill

The drama over the Freedom Hill Amphitheatre continues, with a federal court ruling that Sterling Heights, Mich., is entitled to about $14.6 million its insurer failed to pay out following the city’s settlement agreement with shed operator Hillside Productions.

The U.S. 6th Court of Appeals in Cincinnati upheld a district court ruling that the city was entitled to the payout from United National Insurance Co. and further ruled a trial court should recalculate the city’s damages from the date the insurer breached its policy, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Sterling Heights previously settled with two other insurers, bringing its total recovery amount to more than $35 million. The city settled with Hillside for $31 million, according to the paper.

Hillside filed suit accusing the city of harassment and conspiring to close Freedom Hill Amphitheatre because neighbors were worried about traffic and noise.