Chef Jailed For Damaging Jay Kay’s Car

Pastry chef Aaron Billington was jailed for 20 weeks for damaging Jay Kay’s car after seeing his female acquaintance go to the Jamiroquai frontman’s hotel room.

Ipswich Crown Court heard how Billington hurled rocks at the singer’s sports car, doing £10,000 worth of damage by denting the bodywork and smashing windows following a confrontation.

The court heard that the defendant had an “emotional attachment” to one of two women Jay Kay took up to his hotel room in Aldeburgh in March.

Representing Billington, Christopher Morgan claimed the chef may have been angry at being “mocked” for his stutter, although his client couldn’t remember as he’d had so much to drink.

Kay was stuck with the £9,434 bill, which included £2,500 to replace the windshield, £700 to replace the driver’s side window and £3,500 to polish the paintwork and valet the car, because his insurance excess was £10,000. He also had to pay £370 to have the vehicle towed away.

Billington was sentenced to 20 weeks imprisonment after he admitted criminal damage as well as failing to answer bail.

He also pleaded guilty to separate charges of leaving a bed and breakfast and an Indian restaurant without paying his bill.