Seger, Bass Player Sued Over Crash

Getting sued over a vehicle accident can be enough to ruin an entire day, but when your boss’ name is also included, that’s when the going gets really tough.

Christopher Campbell hit a motorcycle last year. The bike’s driver sued Campbell, but also named his employer, Bob Seger. Campbell plays bass in Seger’s Silver Bullet Band. What’s more, Seger’s name is on the registration of the car Campbell was driving when the accident occurred.

Oxford, Mich., man Scott Martin and his wife filed the lawsuit. Martin attorney Michael Morse said his client’s injuries are “substantial and ongoing,” according to the Detroit News.

“He has not been able to return to work since the accident and his hand is twisted pretty bad, kind of into a claw,” Morse said.

Martin says in the complaint a 2004 Lexus driven by Campbell struck him. In the accident report taken by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, Campbell, who was ticketed for the collision, said he was turning into a driveway and did not see Martin.

Although Martin did not go to the hospital immediately following the accident, he experienced pain and injuries to his head, neck, back, arms, wrists and hands, according to Morse.