PLASA Focuses On Leeds

The Professional Lighting and Sound Association is starting a new trade show in Leeds and promising free advice to the hundreds of freelancers working in the sector.

The U.K.-based trade organisation is offering a one-hour session to provide freelancers with an overview of a wide range of areas relevant to their working lives, including an examination of key legal requirements and responsibilities. PLASA represents more than 500 members worldwide.

The session will conclude with a brief introduction to the range of legal, financial, technical and health and safety advisory services provided by PLASA.

It will take place at the Royal Armouries in Leeds at noon April 29. The group, which runs its own trade paper called Lighting & Sound International, is calling the gathering PLASA Focus: Leeds 2009, a new event designed to cater for the north of England and specifically for those visitors unable to make it to the annual PLASA in London.

“The show has a networking focus, rather than the ‘new products’ focus of the London show,” said Jen Barratt from PLASA’s marketing department, explaining the Leeds event’s slightly different approach.

PLASA Focus takes place April 28-29 at Saviles and Royal Armouries Halls at The Royal Armouries in Leeds.