Pratt’s tune “I’m a Celebrity” features genius lyrics like “Baby, I get paid/ I don’t volunteer/ I’m a celebrity/ Get me outta here.” Unfortunately he says it’s not just a promo for his and Heidi’s gig on NBC’s new reality show “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!” as there’s more to come with an album in the works.

“I’ve always known that I secretly am the hottest rapper in the game,” he told “But I didn’t feel the urge until Asher Roth started hitting the airwaves and – no offense to Asher Roth – somebody with some real swagger needed to come into the game. So, I’ll challenge him. I’ll challenge him to a freestyle or whatever.”

Pratt’s crazy talk gets even better.

“I’m the white Jay-Z in the game. I’m doing the baller thing. I’m more for the streets,” Pratt added.

White Jaz-Z? Or next K-Fed? 

OK, I take it back. There’s something even worse than Pratt’s new rap song – Pratt and Montag teaming up to make music together. Pratt told MTV that Speidi have plans to release an album.

“We’re a team. We’ll be going on tour together. She’s my #1, like Biggie and Lil’ Kim back in the day,” he told

Listen to Pratt’s new song here.

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