AG Awaits Napoleon Visit

Napoleon Brewer, a businessman trying to set up what he calls a “VIP concert access business,” was supposed to answer questions from the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office May 27 but Brewer was apparently too busy.

Brewer says he’s spent about a decade trying to get his business off the ground – a Super Concert Access Card that allows consumers to attend concerts around the country in exchange for a monthly fee.

Ultimate Concerts held two job fairs in January and February and pulled the plug on the project each time. Local media uncovered a history of Better Business Bureau complaints and the state Attorney General’s Office began an investigation.

Brewer wanted to hold a job fair in Shelby, N.C., June 2, but pulled the plug, telling NewsChannel 36 there’s too much scrutiny by the media.

“I don’t think it’s a good thing to do because, right now, the company is in the light of a circus type of an event and that’s not the image that I want,” Brewer said. “Quite frankly, some people are leery of applying for a position.”

Meanwhile, he chose not to show up at the AG’s office.

“I need to focus on what I am doing right now as opposed to sitting there being interrogated.”