Hurwitz Talks LN Lawsuit

“At this point I am going to let the suit, which we have been preparing for more than a year, speak for itself. It says it all and I would prefer people read it and fully understand the claims we are making.

“But, basically, we contend that the essence of the tour deal is to use monopoly power to force artists to play only for Live Nation venues and where they wouldn’t otherwise, to the detriment of concertgoers, independent promoters and the artists.

“There is a huge difference between enticing artists to play your venues by doing a better job, versus forcing them to play your venues by controlling the market and the acts.

“Live Nation has attempted to portray this as evolution into a better business model, but we contend that it is intended to prevent fair legitimate competition, which is illegal.

“All I want is the opportunity to compete fairly, and we are asking the Court to give us that opportunity.”