Baton Rouge Going Country?

If all goes as planned, Baton Rouge will host the inaugural Bayou Country Superfest over the Memorial Day weekend 2010, with the help of Jazz Fest producer Quint Davis and his partners at AEG.

Baton Rouge officials and the convention and visitors bureau are expected to decide soon whether to chip in $300,000 each, officials confirmed.

The venue they have in mind is the 90,000-seat Tiger Stadium at the Louisiana State University campus.

The city is “primed” for the event, according to chief administrative officer Mike Futrell, and the convention and visitors bureau president said he would be surprised if the event doesn’t materialize.

“The pieces are all in place to make it happen,” Paul Arrigo said. “Everybody is at the same table here. We’re all focused on bringing what we think will be a successful music festival to Louisiana.”

The city has experienced growth since Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans in 2005.