From Eurovision To Eurosonic

It may be because it won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, or even because it famously got “nul points” in 1978, but Norway has been chosen as the market focus country at next year’s Eurosonic-Noorderslag.

“From the early days of Eurosonic, Norway has been delivering great talent,” said conference cultural director Peter Smidt.

In 2003, Byrne-based Kaizers Orchestra came out best in the inaugural European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP), the annual festival showcase staged at the Dutch gathering.

The Norwegian focus will be launched Aug. 14 at Oslo’s Øya Festival, which has grown steadily to the point that in 2008 it was the biggest of the country’s annual outdoors.

Next year’s EuroSonic-Noorderslag is in Groningen, Holland, Jan. 14-16.