Hedley’s Gear Stolen

A recent jaunt to Montreal for a set at the Virgin Festival ended on a sour note for Canadian rock band Hedley.

Guitarist Dave Rosin had some bad news for fans in the early hours of June 20, posting on Twitter, “Well, not gonna lie. Worst day ever. Had our truck stolen last night in Montreal with all our gear inside. Bummer.”

According to Hedley’s tour manager, the band’s truck was full of gear, sound equipment, additional backline and crew work tools.

Hedley has posted an itemized list of the stolen items on its Web site message boards. Montreal was the site of a great heist back in August, when Iggy & The Stooges had their equipment stolen. One of the items lifted was Mike Watt’s bass – the punk-rock relic he played since he was in The Minutemen.