US Mag Finds MJ’s Pepsi Footage

Video footage has emerged depicting the fateful day in 1984 when Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire while shooting a Pepsi commercial.

The accidental fire, which caused second- and third-degree burns on Jackson’s scalp, is often attributed as the reason for King of Pop’s alleged prescription drug addiction. The date was Jan. 27, 1984, and the shoot took place at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium where 3,000 Jackson fans watched their hero perform a few of his patented dance routines.

The video, an US Magazine exclusive, depicts Jackson shooting five successful takes of a dance sequence where he descends a staircase while pyrotechnics explode all around him. It’s the sixth take where things go wrong and his hair catches on fire.

At first it doesn’t appear as if Jackson knows his hair is burning and the star continues to dance as he steps down the stairs. But that soon changes as stagehands quickly surround him and attempt to put out the fire.

Eventually Jackson emerges from the sudden huddle with a bald spot on the top of his head caused by the fire.