Australia Live Sector: $1B

The Australian live sector kept its revenue turnover at $1 billion during 2008, according to Live Performance Australia’s Ticket Attendance and Revenue Survey 2008, released this week.

Contemporary music remained the biggest money-maker, with 37 percent of the gross.

That category was followed by musical theatre (24 percent); classical music (10) and theatre (8). LPA did not release the volume of tickets sold but said it had declined from the highs of 2007 and 2006 to the 2005 level. About 12.5 million were sold in 2005.

LPA admitted the Australian live sector is actually larger, as its survey does not include regional venues, smaller, self-ticketing venues and festivals.

LPA president Andrew Kay said the current economic downturn would affect ticket volumes, and that the LPA was looking at ways to keep activity up.

“This means finding new and innovative ways to deliver compelling live performance events that will keep attracting audiences, as well as working closely with governments at every level to ensure the ongoing vitality of the live performance industry,” he said.