Stage Collapse At Pepsi Concert

A video of a stage accident during a band competition sponsored by Pepsi in Guangzhou, China, that recently surfaced online appears to show members of the production being injured when a giant LED screen capsizes.

In the video, which features Taiwanese singer Peter Pan, members of the crowd begin taking out umbrellas and a host is heard speaking over the artist’s performance before a man runs across the stage, appearing to tug at the artist as the screen collapses onto the stage.

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In a statement to local media, Pepsi and the Chime-Long Paradise amusement park where the event took place refuted rumors that Pan and several crew members died during the incident, which they attributed to the arrival of a typhoon.

“At the Pepsi battle of the bands concert on the evening of 18 July in Guangzhou, due to the sudden early arrival of the typhoon, the concert was stopped abruptly,” chief marketing officer of Pepsi Greater China Harry Hui said in the statement, according to Brand Republic. “During Taiwanese singer’s Peter Pan performance on stage, the weather worsened dramatically with torrential rain and wind.

“As the host was announcing that the concert was to be terminated, telling everyone to leave the stage and the venue, the LED on the stage was blown over by the strong wind. Peter Pan was pulled away by CETV staff. Pan suffered a minor injury to his hand, while a staff member from CETV also sustained a head injury.”

The statement also reportedly added that injured crew members were taken to a local hospital and the second night of the concert took place July 19 at Shenzhen Convention Centre featuring Pan and other artists.