“867-5309/Jenny” was featured on Tommy Tutone’s 1982 sophomore album, Tommy Tutone 2. The song tells the story of a guy finding a girl’s name and number on a bathroom wall with the tune repeating 867-5309 over and over again. 

Jason Kaplan from Southampton, Pa., is selling the 867-5309 phone number (with Philadelphia area code 267) on eBay with the hopes of helping to pay for his medical school tuition.

“I was selling cell phones for a long time and the number just became available,” Kaplan told The Intelligencer. “After a while when a number is not active, it will just come back into service.”

Almost 30 years after the song hit radio, people are still dialing those digits, looking for Jenny.

“Since I got the number, my phone just keeps ringing,” Kaplan said. “People will just call and sing the song. It happens all the time.”

Kaplan kicked off the auction Saturday, listing the phone number along with the business JK Wireless Consulting Ltd., with a starting price of $50. (Phone companies have rules against selling telephone numbers and people can get around that by selling their business along with the number.)

The eBay listing explains that the “number is currently on a Vonage Modem which will be shipped overnight to your location. From there, the business will simply be transferred to the winner of the auction along with the number. After that, the number is yours and can be moved to the phone company of your choosing anywhere in the U.S.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, with six days and 2 hours left in the auction, the phone number’s current bid is up to $5,000. Next possibly bid is $5,100 or more.

Retrofitness, an ‘80s-themed fitness center chain, recently purchased the (201) area code version of the phone number. Calls to the New Jersey number now go to the sales line for new fitness club franchises. Retrofitness purchased (201) 867-5309 on eBay for an undisclosed sum in late June. The New Jersey Business Journal reported the phone number’s previous owner was DJ company A Blast Entertainment and that earlier eBay bids were up to more than $300,000.

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