It’s called Live Nation’s Ultimate Concert Access Pass, and if you win this golden ticket you’ll get a pair of ducats for any and all Live Nation shows at all Live Nation owned and operated venues in North America for one year, beginning January 1.

In other words, how many shows can you see in a year? Think you have the stamina to step up to this particular plate?

In addition to free shows for a year, Live Nation is also offering the Ultimate Local Venue Pass, where the promotion company will give away 38 venue passes in 38 cities in North America giving fans and their guests access to every concert for a year at their local Live Nation venue.

Live Nation will also be giving away a whole slew of daily prizes, including tickets, merch, parking upgrades and concession discounts.  Instructions on how to win daily prizes will be posted on Live Nation’s national and local Twitter pages.

To enter the Ultimate Concert Access Pass sweepstakes:

1. Follow Live Nation on Twitter.
2. Send a tweet to @LiveNation and include the hashtag #LiveNationUltimateAccess (Example tweet: Please @LiveNation! I want #LiveNationUltimateAccess!).

To enter the Ultimate Local Venue Pass Sweepstakes:
1. Follow your local Live Nation Twitter page.
2. Send a tweet to the local LN Twitter page and include the hashtag #Live NationUltimateAccess (Example: if you’re in the New York City area you might send; Please @LiveNationNYC! I Want #LiveNationUltimateAccess!).

The Ultimate Concert Access Pass and Ultimate Local Venue Pass contests run through the end of August. Mouse on over to for the participating venues and local LN Twitter pages. You can enter once per day every day until the end of this month.

Click here to read Live Nation’s announcement.