Julie’s Bicycle’s Useful Tools

The new online tools Julie’s Bicycle launched to help festivals measure their greenhouse gas emissions has the approval of environmental group A Greener Festival.

Greener Festival spokesman Ben Challis says his organization’s awards are designed to encourage events to enact environmentally friendly practices and welcomed Industry Green Tools that measure their progress.

“We really hope festival organizers will use Julie’s Bicycle’s tools to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move towards truly sustainable events,” he said.

Julie’s IG Tools, which are designed to help events analyze, report and act on their greenhouse gas emissions as part of their post-event review, are free to any U.K. creative sector business.

They’re intended to provide a customized, tailored approach to measuring and recording annual emissions for festivals and outdoor events, venues and office spaces.

Julie’s Bicycle director Alison Tickell says they aim to take the guesswork out of how the music industry can reduce its impact on climate change.