It’s the first-ever Live Nation Twitter Scavenger Hunt tomorrow, and like the title implies, the concert promotion company will tweet clues leading you through a quest to join a drawing where the winner receives one season-long lawn pass good for every show at your local Live Nation amphitheatre next summer.

Wanna play? Sure you do. Here’s how.

The first thing you need to do is follow the Live Nation National Twitter account AND your local Live Nation’s Twitter account at What’s that? You don’t know your local LN had its own Twitter account? Then stop by the Live Nation home page for directions.

Then send tweets to the national and local LN accounts saying, “I’m joining the #LNScavHunt.”

Once you accomplish the above steps, expect both accounts to send you clues starting at 9 a.m. local time tomorrow (Wednesday).

Like scavenger hunts in the brick & mortar world, the Live Nation Twitter accounts will tweet clues describing locations on the Web where you’ll find a #LNScavHunt icon. Once you find it, take a screen grab of the icon and tweet the image to your local Live Nation account along with the message, “I’ve got it! #LNScavHunt.”

Example: Say you’re in the New York City area. Once you find the #LNScavHunt icon, screen-grab the graphic, and send it to the NYC Live Nation twitter account with the message, “I’ve got it! @LiveNation NYC #LNScavHunt.”

You’re going to need to find three #LNScavHunt icons at three different Web locations in order to get your name in the drawing for the season-long lawn pass. The first two clues will come from Live Nation’s national Twitter account, and the third will come from the local LN Twitter account. Plus, everyone who completes the hunt will receive a “Friends and Family Ticket Offer” redeemable for a $10 lawn ticket for select LN concerts this summer.

The contest is free – no purchase necessary, no salesman will visit your home, but you must send those tweets to Live Nation’s national and local Twitter accounts in order to participate. Click here for all scavenger hunt information, including a list of LN local Twitter accounts. Oh, and good hunting!