Poll: Beatles Online Rumors

It’s that time again. Time for the latest rumors about selling The Beatles online.

The rumor about putting the Beatles catalog online is one that pops up every few months. Sometimes you’ll find a news item quoting an unidentified Apple Corps insider saying the Fab Four’s albums will go online “very soon.” Other times it’s merely someone connecting the so-called dots indicating we won’t have to wait much longer before we can download (legally) the group’s incredible collection of songs.

Photo: “© Apple Corps Ltd, 2009
During a photo session, 1962.

This time it’s more of the latter, that is, constructing a narrative based on known information, although neither Apple Corps, or for that matter, Steve Jobs’ Apple has said anything indicating the moment is almost at hand.

The reasons for the latest Beatles rumor, which says the group’s music will soon be sold on iTunes, are apparently based on news that Apple (The Cupertino company, not the Beatles one) is planning some kind of major event for the week of Sept. 7, with some bloggers narrowing the date to Sept. 9. It’s the alleged Sept. 9 date that’s actually sparking the rumors.

Why Sept. 9? It’s because that date is already scheduled for two Beatles events – the re-release of the band’s entire catalog, digitally remastered, and the release of the video/music game “Rock Band: The Beatles.” With Apple saying it has something important to announce that week, many watchers have put two-plus-two together claiming it adds up to Beatles online.

Of course, you could also tie in the number 9, as in “Revolution 9,” as another dot in the grand connection scheme. But that might start another rumor.

But all rumors aside, the latest buzz has generated yet another discussion here at the Pollstar Ranch as to whether the band’s music will be a big seller online. Although we love the band and its music as much as anyone, we can’t help but wonder whether music that’s been available for 40 years will sell nearly as well in the form of downloads as it has on vinyl, 8-track, cassette and CD.

But what do you think? Will you buy Beatles downloads because of a new distribution channel? Or have four decades of marketing the band’s music satisfied your most fervent Beatles cravings? Please take a moment to participate in the poll and perhaps add a few thoughts to the comment thread below.