Moe Festival A Laughing Matter

Moe.down, the annual festival featuring moe. in Turin, N.Y., reportedly had a particular drug of choice during the Sept. 6-9 event: laughing gas.

The festival featured Cake, Umphrey’s McGee, Ani DiFranco, Method Man and Redman, and Sam Bush. It also had 18 nitrous oxide tanks found in a car of a 45-year-old attendee. Sheriff Mike Talbot told WWNY-TV a balloon full of gas sells for about $20, and is perfectly legal when not abused.

“The people that use that are usually for some reason feeling that it’s not as dangerous as cocaine, but it’s a drug and it’s used illegally,” Talbot said. The suspect was charged with illigal sale/use of nitrous oxide and aggravated unlicensed operation.

Does this mean there were concertgoers not drinking Heineken but, rather, Pabst Blue Ribbon? Did they shout between sets, “Now it is dark”? Did they turn to each other and say, “Don’t you look at me!” or “You are so suave”?

Is this mic even on?