Learning To Rock During Ramadan

A concert by the Danish band Michael Learns To Rock at the Arena of Stars in Malaysia went off as planned Sept. 5 despite protests from an Islamic group that tried to have it canceled.

In August, Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi, the leader of PAS Youth, issued a statement condemning the concert, calling it an “insult to all Muslims in the country” because it would take place during the fast of Ramadan.

Just before the concert, Freddie Fernandez, the president of the Malaysian Artistes Association, countered the complaint on Asia One News by saying, “PAS tries to get concerts banned any time of the year. For them every concert is bad.”

The concert, organized by promoter Star Planet, took place in a closed venue.

“Anyone can choose not to go,” pointed out Fernandez. “PAS should not impose their values on everyone.”

He also said that the entertainment industry takes its instructions from the Information, Communication and Culture Ministry, “which has already okayed this concert.”