2PM Closing

Park Jae-beom, the leader of popular Korean boy band 2PM, quit the group Sept. 8 and left the country several days later, returning to his home in the U.S.

A post the 22-year-old Park made to a MySpace page four years ago was at the root of the departure.

In 2005, the Korean-American teen had recently arrived in South Korea and was a “trainee” under the supervision of talent agency JYP Entertainment.

For the next two years he wrote several comments complaining about his training and the Korean pop music world.

“Korea is gay. I hate Koreans. I wanna come back,” he wrote. “Korea is whack, but everyone thinks I’m like the illest rapper when I suck nuts at rapping.”

For some reason these comments only recently came to light, stirring up resentments among some of 2PM’s fans and the general public.

In a message posted on 2PM’s Web site, Park wrote, “I think it will be difficult for me to see you on stage because I am so sorry. I am leaving 2PM as of today.”

He also quit a television program on which he regularly appeared.

A representative of JYP told the media that the company tried to stop Park from quitting.

“We discussed it numerous times, but he was determined to leave. “

Park is a U.S. citizen and grew up in Seattle, where his parents still live.