Man Urinates On Fan At KISS Show

Less than nine months after a police officer was arrested for exposing himself and peeing on fans at a Metallica concert at Boston’s TD Banknorth Garden, another bladder-challenged individual was arrested after peeing on a fellow fan at a KISS show at the same venue.

In the middle of the Oct. 5 KISS show, a fan standing in the wrong place at the wrong time said she felt a “warm feeling on the back of her leg,” according to, which reports news updates from the Boston Police Department.

She turned around to see what was going on and found that a man standing behind her was urinating onto her leg.

The victim called security at Banknorth Garden and the suspect was escorted from the venue. Security detained the suspect until Boston police arrived at about 10:06 p.m. reported that, “Officers noted the suspect appeared to be highly intoxicated given his slurred speech and the odor of alcohol emanating from his person.”

Chris Morris, 39, was arrested and charged with open and gross lewdness and disorderly person.

Pollstar previously reported in April that a Massachusetts police office pleaded guilty in a plea bargain after his own piss-ident.

Joseph Houston, who was a member of the Brewster Police Department but was then fired after his arrest, pleaded guilty to assault and indecent exposure, as well as trespassing and assault and battery.

During a Jan. 18 Metallica show, Houston pulled down his pants and urinated on a man sitting in front of him and then lunged at the man’s sister. He also faced trail for trespassing because he re-entered the Banknorth Garden after being thrown out of the concert by security personnel and MBTA Transit Police, according to the Cape Cod Times.

The former police officer entered alcohol evaluation and treatment as part of his plea bargain. He was also ordered to have no contact with the family he peed on and reimburse them $2,631 in ticket fees.