Paperless Ticket Twists

Miley Cyrus’ recent bout with strep throat took the teen queen out of the concert game for a few days, leaving Midwest fans freaking.

Three stops on Cyrus’ “Wonder World” tour – Omaha, Kansas City and St. Louis – were rescheduled for Oct. 13, 17 and 28, respectively.

While most tweens breathed a collective sigh of relief over the news, the Ticketmaster paperless ticketing used for the trek apparently complicated some fans’ plans.

The paperless platform was instated to provide a solution to the problem many fans faced during Cyrus’ last outing, when scalpers were able to scoop up tons of tickets and resell them on the secondary market at high markups.

Tickets for this tour can be redeemed only at the door using the credit card with which they were purchased and photo identification. So parents who purchased tickets for the shows that wouldn’t be available for the rescheduled dates were left with a few options.

TM allows people who bought tickets for friends or family to show up at the door, present their ID and credit card to let their party into the building, and leave.

Refunds were also offered to those who couldn’t make the rescheduled dates and officials at the affected venues told the Kansas City Star they were working with some people who called in with “extenuating circumstances.”

“It’s a new process so the intent is to be as customer-friendly as we possibly can,” Qwest Center spokesman Doug Parrott told the paper. “We’re going to look at every one of them on a case by case basis.”