Bomb Scare Shuts Rose Garden

A Christian women’s conference at Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Ore., was canceled for the day Oct. 9 when a venue worker found what appeared to be a pipe bomb in one of the restrooms.

Police spokesman Sgt. Mike Marshman told the Oregonian that officers responded at about 6 p.m. to a call during the Women Of Faith conference scheduled for Oct. 9-10. Officers then called the bomb squad to examine what was described as a suspiciously placed PVC pipe.

Bomb squad members deactivated the device, which reportedly turned out to be empty.

“They were scratching their heads,” Marshman told the paper. “There’s nothing in it, it’s not even a hoax device.”

Venue staff decided to evacuate the building as a precaution. About 2,500 women were inside and about 8,000 were waiting to get in at the time of the closure.

The conference took place as scheduled the next day, the Oregonian said.