Rick Merrill Opposes Shed

A proposed amphitheater in the town of Telluride, Colo., is facing resistance from a group of concerned citizens led by a homeowner who happens to be named Rick Merrill.

Telluride Ski and Golf Company, which operates the local ski resort, had visions of a 5,000-capacity shed situated on the slopes of Misty Maiden mountain that would host concerts and festivals and bring additional revenues to the town.

But a neighborhood group led by Merrill (who shares a name with the GM of the Gibson Amphitheatre) isn’t so pleased with the idea, according to the Telluride Daily Planet.

The group reportedly attended a recent town council meeting and piped up about porta-potties and concertgoers with no place to sleep, leading Telski to put the proposal on hold for now.

“The proposed amphitheater’s intent is to improve the economic vitality of Mountain Village, and we think both groups are committed to seek solutions to the imbalances causing economic stress in this village community,” said TSG CEO Dave Riley in a statement.

The two groups will reportedly work together to explore alternatives to the venue.