More Gately Speculation

No sooner had the furor over a Daily Mail opinion piece on the death of Boyzone’s Stephen Gately died down than the U.K. tabloid was stirring it up again by suggesting that alcohol may have been a contributory factor in his death.

Mail columnist Jan Moir’s piece suggesting Gately’s lifestyle and sexuality may have played a part in his death caused so many protests that the Press Complaints Commission Web site crashed.

The paper’s now saying that a statement given to Majorcan police officers by Andy Cowles, the Boyzone singer’s civil partner, Gately had drank a bottle of wine, shared three bottles of champagne and smoked cannabis before falling asleep.

The Mail claims this information conflicts with earlier statements and could drive Spanish police to reopen the investigation.

A post-mortem verdict given five days after Gately died while on holiday on the island of Mallorca Oct. 10 ruled that the Irish singer’s death was because of natural causes.