Parkland Concert Plan

Landing a national act to launch concerts at a new shed in Parkland, Fla., isn’t an easy prospect with the down economy and competing events booking top-name acts, but promoter Doug Isaac isn’t daunted.

Isaac, of Entertainment Express Inc., is working with Parkland city officials to bring national acts to the Pine Trails Park Amphitheatre, possibly as early as the upcoming holiday break. But there’s work to do first.

“We are trying to get people outside the box to come to the facility, but the economy is horrible and many acts do not want to go to a new venue,” Isaac told Our Town News. “Also, it’s Super Bowl time and they are taking many of the acts.”

The Parkland City Commission agreed earlier this year to start bringing in musical acts for paid concerts to generate revenue. Isaac has been working with reps on how to make the venue attractive to top acts, such as putting in a stage, according to the News.

Four to five concerts a year could bring in substantial revenue for the city, the paper said.