Wynn Not Brooking Scalpers

No one can accuse Steve Wynn or Garth Brooks of colluding with the secondary ticketing market. Wynn has thought up a simple but likely effective way to keep resellers from touching Garth’s tickets: Threaten them.

Brooks has shaken the dust off his boots for his upcoming residency at the Encore Theatre at Steve Wynn’s Encore casino, where he’ll perform three days per week for 15 weeks beginning in December.

As expected, initial dates for the country superstar’s shows at the 1,500-seat venue sold out within hours, with tickets that initially went for $125 plus fees appearing on secondary sites for thousands.

Wynn was obviously irked by the secondary ticketing and issued a statement regarding “unauthorized ticket sales” to suspected scalpers.

“It has come to our attention that you are representing yourself as a licensed ticket broker for the purpose of reselling tickets for the Garth Brooks concerts at the Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas,” the statement said. “Please be advised that you have not been authorized as a licensed ticket broker by Wynn Las Vegas, and you are not authorized to resell any Garth Brooks tickets for his concerts at our venue.

“Wynn will not tolerate unauthorized selling of concert tickets and the strict ticketing rules and policies will be enforced to the fullest extent. This will include ongoing audits to examine purchaser records and information which may result in automatic cancellation of confirmed purchases if a violation of policy is discovered.”

The no-scalping credo came straight from the top, as Steve Wynn noted during a press conference that Brooks was “very insistent” that Wynn take action against secondary ticketing at the shows.

To that end, fans who did manage to score seats to the shows are being asked to show ID at the venue entrance.

Ticket purchasers are also being asked to provide the names of all members in their respective parties, according to reports in the Las Vegas Sun and fan postings on the Wynn Las Vegas Facebook page.