Lil’ Wayne Sues To Block Documentary

A documentary about Lil’ Wayne depicts the rapper smoking marijuana and mixing a root beer / cough syrup cocktail. But that’s not why the man behind Tha Carter III is suing to block the flick’s distribution.

Instead, Wayne is claiming he was promised final approval of “The Carter,” a documentary about the rapper that was lauded at the Sundance Film Festival.

“The interesting thing is that Wayne saw the film and liked it,” said one of the documentary’s executive producers, Quincy Jones III, son of the famed record producer. “Even the declaration of the lawsuit, it says that he likes the movie – so we’re not sure if [the suit] is coming from him or that’s someone else.”

Filmmakers began shooting the documentary about eight months before Tha Carter III landed in stores, according to The film even captured the moment when Wayne learned the album sold 1 million copies during its first week of release.

According to the doc’s filmmakers, Wayne wanted “The Carter” to take a “fly on the wall approach.” Producer Jones said the rapper – who pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a firearm in October and faces a year in jail – “has total disregard for convention and what people think of him.”

“The more we filmed of him, the more we realized ‘this guy is a total rock star’ and I think to some degree that’s a breath of fresh air for hip hop because a lot of artists want to guard their images and they want to fit in to what’s going on already,” Jones said.

“With Wayne, he’s always pushing the envelope and I think that’s pretty cool.”