Adopting The Korean Model

The Korean model continues to exert a powerful hold on pop music in the rest of Asia.

The VietNamNet Bridge publication recently reported on several local singers who have undergone training in Korea to boost their appeal at home.

Korean TV shows are extremely popular in Vietnam, which means Korean stars are coming to the Southeast Asian country as part of cultural exchange programs. These visits are covered extensively by the media.

Pop star My Tam went to Korea in 2007 and studied dancing there for two months. Her style changed considerably and made her even more popular. Her album, Vut Bay, was even produced in South Korea, and she is planning on returning there next year for more projects.

Another singer, Ung Hoang Phuc, has recently revealed that he will invite five Korean music professionals to Vietnam to help him with his next musical project.

Organizers of the talent search contest called Super Star, which attracted 2,000 contestants, say they will take the winner, Duong Thi Hong Nhung, to Korea for a whole year of training.