More Court Conflicts For Fray

The former manager for The Fray has countered a suit filed by the band in September over song copyrights.

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Denver, claimed that Gregg Latterman’s company, Gregg Alan Corp., doing business as A-Squared Management, never disclosed it had obtained partial ownership of the band’s songs during a 2005 EMI publishing deal.

Latterman and co. fired back in court Dec. 7, bringing counterclaims of breach of contract, equitable and injunctive relief and breach of fiduciary duty against the band.

The Fray reportedly agreed to a management deal with GAC in November 2004 that was expected to continue through “the completion of the second album cycle.”

However, GAC alleges that The Fray, after negotiating for decreased management commissions, prematurely abandoned “touring and promoting the second album,” effectively reducing both its own and GAC’s earnings, according to court documents.

“The purported premature termination of the management agreement caused more than just monetary harm to GAC – the baseless allegations of improper behavior have harmed GAC’s reputation and ability to attract other artists,” the suit says.

Latterman claims the band has failed to pay his company roughly $750,000 in commissions and expenses. His complaint is seeking damages, attorney’s fees and equitable relief that would allow GAC to continue to manage the band through the third album cycle and collect on back commissions.