Merriweather Taps Ticketfly

Ticketfly debuted last November with a handful of clubs around the country as clientele but the company’s just scored its biggest get yet, signing a ticketing deal with the 18,000-capacity Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia, Md.

Merriweather operator I.M.P., which previously contracted with Ticketmaster for ticketing, will kick off the 2010 concert season under the Ticketfly fold, and claims the switch will mean savings for fans.

I.M.P. began using Ticketfly’s services for its 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. last year, and the change, according to I.M.P. chair Seth Hurwitz, has been significant.

“They’ve had zero learning curve and sold a ton of tickets, so we’re giving them the next shot,” he said. “We were able to work out lower service charges, and no extra charge for printing at home, which was driving everyone nuts and rightly so. Seems like the sky’s the limit with these guys. I have seen the future of the ticket business, and its name is Ticketfly.”

Besides no charges for printing at home, the companies claim service fees at Merriweather will be up to 30 percent lower per ticket under Ticketfly.

Initial shows using the new ticketing service include My Morning Jacket May 1 and Sugarland May 16.