Another Doom Fiasco

Doom fans in Chicago are reportedly pissed at the rapper, claiming he sent an imposter to do a Feb. 13 show with Mos Def at the city’s Congress Theater.

Various bloggers took to the Net saying they waited five hours for the show to start, only to see Mos Def don a Doom mask and do Doom covers followed by the alleged Doom imposter, who lip-synched a brief set and left the stage.

A report from Chicago Now claims a rep from the Congress Theater confirmed the real Doom didn’t show. However, a statement from promoter Cold Grums Productions said that claim is under investigation.

“At the current time, React, Cold Grums, Silver Wrapper and the Congress Theater DO NOT have any proof that the person who performed was not Daniel Dumile, a.k.a. Doom. The show was legally contracted and paid for in full. The show was officially listed on Doom’s Web site. …

“Because the show was legally contracted and paid for in full, any breach of contract could result in serious legal action.”
The statement also said that the promoters wouldn’t refund the $30 ticket cost until there was actual evidence in hand that concertgoers had been duped, the Web site said.

This is just the latest fan fiasco related to the rapper formerly known as MF Doom, who has been accused of sending stand-ins to his scheduled shows for several years now.

Angry Doom fans in Los Angeles, Atlanta and San Francisco have previously blogged similar complaints. Each time, the alleged imposter in the gladiator-style mask isn’t the same height and build as Doom, doesn’t speak to or interact with the audience, sticks to straight rhymes, doesn’t freestyle and leaves the stage after about 20 minutes.