Whitney’s Mixed Reviews

Whitney Houston’s reemergence has hit some speedbumps downunder, where the opening shows of her tour have generated negative press and fan complaints.

Some audience members “stormed out” of her Feb. 22 opening show in Brisbane because of her coughing and broken singing, according to the AFP. Words like “bizarre and weird” were used as well as one notable fan comment that Houston “couldn’t entertain a dead rat.”

The next show, at Acer Arena in Sydney, got off to a better start but things went south after a 13-minute costume change about an hour into the performance, according to the Herald Sun. “Very obvious” problems with her voice surfaced and, by the gospel section of the show, many “disappointed, saddened and angry” fans streamed out the doors.

Some fans demanded a refund. Promoter Andrew McManus hit the morning talkshow circuit, and called the disappointed fans a “vocal minority.”

“What happened to the Australian positive support of someone who has seen difficult times, and is now up on stage, warts and all, presenting herself like an open book for the world to see – and they want to ridicule Whitney?” McManus said in a statement.