WWE Misfire

Pro wrestler The Undertaker had a brush with fire Feb. 21 during a pyrotechnics mishap, suffering minor injuries after his jacket went aflame during a St. Louis match.

The wrestler, whose real name is Mark Calaway, was evaluated by a physician and cleared to jump back in the ring, according to a World Wrestling Entertainment spokesperson.

Calaway suffered minor burns on his chest, which looked like a bad sunburn, according to the representative. He was back in the ring for WWE’s “Raw” show the following Monday.

Typically, exploding fireballs accompany The Undertaker as he enters the ring. A timing miscue apparently was the problem, which occurred at the Scottrade Center during the live pay-per-view event.

The pyrotechnics are operated by a company that contracts with WWE, not the venue.

St. Louis fire officials are reportedly investigating the incident.