Simon Narrows Down ‘You’re So Vain’ Identity

Who “walked into the party” like he was “walking onto a yacht?” Who flew his Learjet “to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun?” Could it be… David Geffen?

The media is going nuts over the latest clue to the identity of the person Carly Simon sang about 38 years ago in her hit song “You’re So Vain.” James Taylor, Simon’s brand-new husband at the time, was often suspected of being the vanity man. As were former Simon flames Warren Beatty and Mick Jagger, who sung backing vocals on the track.

Photo: AP Photo / NBC
NBC’s "Today" show, New York City

Now various media reports are saying David Geffen was the mystery man of self-absorption.

The Geffen guess comes from Simon’s re-recording of the song in which she whispers a man’s first name during an instrumental interlude.

However, Simon’s utterance is played backwards on the recording. Reversed, one can hear her say, “David.”

USA Today reports some media outlets suspected the whisper was referring to David Bowie or David Cassidy, but the Brit tabloids quickly claimed it was Geffen, whose Asylum Records was Simon’s label home back in the day.

Meanwhile, you can listen to the recording – frontward and backwards – by clicking on this link to London’s Sun newspaper.

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