GNR Plots Secret Shows

As Guns ‘N’ Roses stomps through South America, plans are afoot for the band to do a few private gigs in different towns all on the same day.

It appears the plan is to do at least two private concerts on March 20 in two separate cities at intimate venues holding up to 150 fans. According to Reuters, shows in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, are in the works with Rio as a possibility.

Photo: Greg Allen
New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Private shows aren’t new to the band. GNR has performed at a few private stops during its current tour, playing two need-to-know gigs in New York and one in London.

The South American private shows are being organized by Jamison Ernst, who runs a clothing company and has his own band – both named “Yellow Fever” – and is described as being a longtime friend of Guns ‘N’ Roses leader Axl Rose. Ernst, along with Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros, will reportedly host the Sao Paulo show.

The band currently has one public date on the books for March 20 – Estadio River Plate in Buenos Aires. GNR’s current South American trek began Sunday in Brasilia.

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