Barclays On The Way

Daniel Goldstein, the last resident in the area of Brooklyn that’s been marked for the Atlantic Yards entertainment complex, has agreed to exit his condo, paving way for the construction of Barclays Arena.

Goldstein was the head of the citizens group Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, and was the most vocal critic of the Atlantic Yards project. He and his family were the final residents of a condo building, after Goldstein negotiated deals for his neighbors – a self-storage facility and a real estate developer, according to The Record of New Jersey.

Goldstein, who paid $600,000 for the condo space in 2003, was offered in the recent negotiations an initial price of $516,539 but, three hours later, the price climbed to $3 million, according to the paper. Goldstein agreed he cannot actively oppose the project and promised to stop all litigation against it.

Goldstein agreed to move out by May 7, which coincides with a timeline that project officials reportedly say would alleviate millions in monthly losses.