Sitting On the Fence In Arizona

Will all this talk about boycotting Arizona include concerts?

In the words of the Chinese communist leader Zhou Enlai, when asked about the ramifications of the French Revolution, it’s too early to tell.

The venues of Phoenix, Tucson and the rest of Arizona have concerts lined up through next year at the latest, and it’s purely speculative that any major artists would cancel their shows, considering the financial fallout, as well as the loss of goodwill with their fans.

Venues that buttress their bottom line with convention revenue could feel a hit, though. For instance, seven members of the Los Angeles City Council signed a proposal for a boycott April 27, calling the city to refrain from conducting business and participating in conventions in Arizona, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The city council of Washington, D.C., is reportedly considering a similar measure that would refrain city government from doing business with Arizona.