A Lil’ Trouble For Lil’ Wayne

Seems even when he’s behind bars Lil’ Wayne can’t stay out of trouble.

The rapper, currently serving a yearlong sentence at New York’s City’s Rikers Island jail after pleading guilty on a gun charge, might find himself in more trouble after jail officers discovered a charger and headphones for a digital music player hidden in his cell earlier this week.

And the music player? That turned up in another inmate’s cell. Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, and the other prisoner were charged with infractions and could face some kind of punishment, such as being segregated from other inmates.

Photo: Erika Goldring / ErikaGoldring.com
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The charger and headphones found in Wayne’s cell are considered “contraband” by rules stating inmates can listen to music if they use radios or headphones purchased at the jail’s commissary.

So far, this is Wayne’s only infraction since he began serving time in March. The rapper is assigned as an “inmate observation aide,” which means he engages inmates considered to be suicide risks.

Wayne could be released as early as November. That is, if he stays out of trouble. Any bets?