Pitbull Nixes AZ

Pitbull suddenly has a hole in his concert schedule because the rapper has canceled a Phoenix appearance in protest of Arizona’s controversial new immigration legislation.

Pitbull’s “Mr. Worldwide’s Carnaval” tour was scheduled to stop in Phoenix May 31. By dropping the date, Pitbull joins Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, in boycotting the Grand Canyon State.

Photo: John Davisson
Pepsi Musica Super Bowl Fan Jam, Miami, Fla.

For readers who may have just emerged from cryogenic suspension, the Arizona legislature recently passed a law permitting police to question anyone they suspect might not be in the U.S. legally. Opponents of the new law claim it will lead to racial profiling while supporters say it’s needed to help stem illegal immigration.

Pitbull announced his displeasure with the new law via Twitter and his websites while in Taipei, Taiwan.

“I am canceling my concert in Phoenix on May 31,” he tweeted. “How is [it] the country we enjoy and love bcuz of its human rights, freedom, opportunity and that has been built by immigrants, now start 2 deny them? It is contradicting 2 everything the USA stands 4.”

Pitbull’s upcoming tour begins May 25 in Denver at the 1st Bank Center and plays San Diego (May 27), Los Angeles (May 28), San Francisco (May 29) and Las Vegas (May 30). For more info, click here and here for the artist’s websites and here for his Twitter page.