Cerati Undergoes Brain Surgery

As Argentine rock star Gustavo Cerati lies in intensive care following brain surgery Tuesday, many Latin musicians are extending their support to the stricken singer.

The 50-year-old former Soda Stereo singer/guitarist was hospitalized after fainting at the end of a concert in Caracas May 15 and was admitted to a local hospital where he was diagnosed as having experienced a “transient ischemic attack,” more commonly referred to as a “mini-stroke.”

But the “mini” reference doesn’t reduce the severity of the affliction, which reduces blood flow and prevents the brain from performing normally.

Hospital director Adolfredo Saez described the surgery as creating “a window to allow the pressure to diminish and prevent the brain stem from swelling, which could cause death.” Saez told a local TV channel that it’s way too early to predict the singer’s condition and that the “first 72 hours are critical.”

A group of Argentine doctors is scheduled to arrive in Caracas tomorrow to examine Cerati.

Photo: AP Photo
Performing during a concert in Caracas shortly before experiencing a “mini-stroke.”

Meanwhile, many Latin American musicians and fans are showing their support. Former Soda Stereo drummer Charly Alberti said, “My head has been boiling since I found out on Sunday,” and Ricky Martin tweeted, “Strength Cerati, we want you well.”