Friday Fun: The Bands You Left Behind

Some bands and artists stay with you for life, helping you celebrate the good times and providing comfort when things go south. But it doesn’t always work out that way.

You might fall head over heels for a band only to find the relationship isn’t meant for the long haul. Maybe it was simply age and what sounded great when you were 18 didn’t appeal to you when you hit, say, 25 or 30.

Photo: AP Photo
Pepsi Center, Denver, Colo.

Other times it might be a singular event like an artist going a new direction or espousing political views contrary to your own. Or maybe you just grew tired of the same old song and dance.

Which bands and artists did you leave behind? Did a guitarist quit your onetime favorite band without asking your permission? Did a group switch lead singers one time too many? Or was it a case of you not leaving the band so much as the band leaving you? It’s time to talk about your musical past loves in the comment thread below.